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St. John of God Parish
Parish Office
1011 Church Avenue
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
(412) 771-5646
Cemetery Phone: (412) 331-1309

Cemetery Hours:

April 1 thru September 30      9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

October 1 thru March 31       9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Admission To The Cemeteries:

The Cemetery Manager reserves the right to refuse admission to any cemetery and to refuse the use of any Cemetery equipment or facilities at any time to any person, as the rules, judgement, and tradition may dictate.

Dates To Remember:

First Sunday After Easter

To permit spring grass cutting and grave preparation all winter decorations must be removed. All artificial flowers and greens must be removed from the front of the monument/marker for grass cutting and trimming. (Grass cutters have been injured from the wire stems getting caught in the machine blades.)

November 1

Artificial flowers and greens may be placed on the graves for the winter months.

Visitors Conduct While In Cemeteries:

Visitors within any Cemetery shall use only the avenues, roads and walks, unless it be necessary to walk on the grass to gain access to one's plot. The Cemetery Management expressly disclaims liability for any injuries sustained by anyone violating this rule.

Lawns shall not be disturbed for any purpose exept under the supervision of the Cemetery Manager.

Automobiles, funeral cars and trucks must be kept under contraol at all times. At no time shall such vehicles drive through the gates or within the Cemetery at a speed in excess of 15 miles per hour.

Idling, loafing, loitering, playing or any boisterous demonstrations within any Cemetery are prohibited.

Water is provided at designated areas for use at that specific cemetery only. Visitors are not permitted to fill receptacles to be used at other locations outside of the cemetery.

Trash receptacles are provided in designated areas within the cemeteries. It is strictly prohibited to leave rubbish on the roadside or in the walkways. In addition, trash receptacles are not to be used for household trash.

Visitors are not permitted to remove stored cemetery topsoil for any reason. If a grave needs additional topsoil please contact the parish office on Tuesdays.

Items Prohibited In The Cemeteries:

Planting of trees, shrubs, evergreens and bushes are prohibited.

Fences, coping, hedges or othe types of enclosures are prohibited and interfere with grass cutting.

Concrete, iron, wooden, glass, plastic, paper as well as any other objects of a temporary nature are prohibited.

Any grave decorations that are not of religious character will not be permitted.

Items Permitted Within The Cemeteries:

Annual plants - provided they are planted within an aread that can not extend past the size of the stone (length) at the head of the monument/marker and 12 inches in width from the face of the monument/marker.

One wreath may be placed at the head of the grave or lot from November 1 to the First Sunday after Easter.

Plastic and silk flowers may be attached securely to the monument/marker. However, if they fall off they will be discarded. Reminder: There may be no artificial decorations in grass cutting season.

If there are any questions or comments concerning whether or not something is permitted in our Cemeteries, contact the cemetery manager for a full explanation of our guidelines. This applies to both cemeteries.


No monument/marker will be placed on a grave or lot until ALL financial responsibilities to the Cemetery have been paid in full. Therefore, NO foundation will be installed until all debts to the Cemetery are paid in full. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this long standing policy.

No foundation order placed after April 15th can be guarnteed for Memorial Day. Any foundation order placed before April 15th will be completed by Memorial Day weather permitting.

No foundation order placed after October 15th can be guaranteed to be put in until Spring.

The largest size monument/marker/stone to be erected over a single grave is 32"x14". This includes the base.

The largest size monument/marker/stone to be erected over two (2) or more graves is 48"x14". This includes the base.

The height of any monument/marker/stone can not exceed 40" including base.

All stones to be erected in our cemeteries must be first approved by the cemetery manager.

Veteran's whose death occurs on September 11, 2001 are eligible to have a veteran's marker and a family headstone as identification. For Veteran's whose death date is before September 11, 2001 the cemetery is unable to allow double marking of the grave.

All monuments/markers shall be of granite or bronze with exception of the standard temporary markers provided by funeral directors. Markers of composition, wood, tin, iron or plastic are not permitted and any such markers may be removed without notice. The Cemetery reserves the right at all times to approve and prescribe the kind, size, design, symbolism, craftsmanship, quality and material of memorials, inscriptions, monuments or markers placed or to be placed in any Cemetery. All memorials are subject to the approval of the Cemetery prior to the placement and acceptance or rejection shall be based upon such approval.

The Cemetery also reserves the right to issue under separate cover detailed regulations and instructions pertaining to the kind, size, design, symbolism, craftsmanship, quality and material of memorials, inscriptions, monuments or markers to be placed in any Cemetery. Said detailed regulations and instructions and all amendments thereto are hereby made a part of these rules and regulations.

The Cemetery reserves the right to fix the days and hours when any memorial may be delivered to any Cemetery.

Independent monument dealers or contractors who build memorial foundations are required to comply with specifications and directions established by Management.

A detailed plan and design of all memorials must be submitted to the Management for approval on the form furnished before a permit will be issued. If the memorial does not conform to the approved plan and design, it will be the sole responsibility of the dealer to correct any errors or deficiencies in workmanship and material.

The location and position in which a memorial is to be placed or erected on a plot shall be entirely subject to the approval and shall be under the supervision of the Manager.

Non-Cemetery employees, in placing or erecting monuments and other structures, or bringing in materials in regard to such work, shall operate as independent contractors, but such work must conform with the regulations made by the Cemetery Management.

Non-Cemetery workers, in placing or erecting monuments, building foundations and other structures are prohibited from scattering their material over adjoining plots, or from blocking roads or walks, or from leaving their material on the grounds longer than is absolutely necessary, or from attaching ropes to trees or shrubs. When any heavy material is to be moved over lawns, planks must be laid to prevent injury and/or damage.

Damage done to plots, walks, drives, trees, shrubs or other property by non-Cemetery workers, dealers or contractors or their agents may be repaired by the Management and the cost of such repairs shall be charged to the dealer or contractor or his principal.

The Cemetery reserves the right to stop all work of any nature when, in its opinion, proper preparations therefore have not been made, or when work is being done in such a manner as to endanger life or property, or when work is not being executed according to specifications, or when any reasonable request on the part of the Manager is disregarded, or when any person employed on the work violates any rule of the Management.

While all Cemetery employees will exercise all possible care to protect raised lettering, carving or ornaments on any memorial or other structure, on any plots, ir disclaims responsibility for damage or injury thereto.

The Cemetery reserves, and shall have, the right to correct any error that may be made by its employees or by any other person or persons in the location or placing of a memorial in any Cemetery.

Should any memorial, mausoleum, or tomb become unsightly, dilapidated, or a menace to the safety of persons within the Cemetery, the Cemetery shall have the right, after 30-days notice to the plot holder of record, either to correct the condition or to remove the same, in either case at the expense of the plot holder.

Soliciting memorial sales or memorial work within any Cemetery is not permitted.

Any engraving, lettering, design, symbolism, inscription or attachment to the back of any monument/marker/stone must be shown on the foundation order for approval.

Grave "Ownership: Regulations:

The Right of Burial (Deed) is NOT the same as a deed for personal property (i.e. on which to build a house upon). The Right of Burial (Deed) CAN NOT be changed in anyway to suit a specific desire. You must strictly abide by the content of the Right of Burial document (Deed) or the Cemetery has the right to revoke the Right of Burial. The Pastor has the final decision.

Once the purchased grave(s) has been made from the Cemetery they CAN NOT BE RESOLD to any person(s). The only resell that is permitted would be to sell the grave(s) back to the Cemetery for no more than the original amount paid for them at the time of purchase. The Cemetery has the sole right for all selling and/or purchasing of grave(s).

If a family monument/marker is on the grave(s) you can NOT sell the grave(s) back to the Cemetery.

If you are the original purchaser of the grave(s) and you wish to GIVE a grave(s) to another person(s) the following procedures must be completed:

a.     The original Right of Burial (Deed) NOT A COPY must be returned to the
       Cemetery office clerk.

b.     The name(s) of the person(s) that will be receiving the grave(s) must be
        furnished to the Cemetery office clerk.

c.     A new Right of Burial (Deed) will be issued in that name(s) and sent directly to
        that person(s).

If you are not the original purchaser of the grave(s) and you are in possession of the Right of Burial (Deed) there are a few options open to you, please contact the Cemetery manager for additional information.

The burial of a non-Catholic in the parish Cemetery requires the prior approval of the pastor.

Agreement of Sale:

Once the grave(s) are paid for in full it will take a full six to eight weeks to receive by mail the Right of Burial also known as the Deed.

At the time of the initial selection of grave(s) an Agreement of Sale must be signed. Should the purchaser fail to fulfill the terms and conditions of the Agreement of Sale, the cemetery may nullify the Agreement of Sale between itself and the purchaser. Thus all rights of the purchaser to the grave(s) will be forfeited. All grave spaces must be paid in full at time of sale.

We CAN NOT accept prepayments on internments. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Special Rules & Regulations:

The use of the cemeteries dumping areas is for the use of cemetery personnel only. Any dumping of personal garbage, junk, trash, flower containers, etc... is strictly prohibited. Any violators will have action taken against them.

To perserve the good order and sanctification of the Cemetery, burials are limited to a single gravsesite.

All stones covering double-depth internments MUST BE REMOVED for additional burials in order to protect the stone from damage. Families ARE RESPONSIBLE for ALL COSTS incurred for the removal and replacement of the stone.

All pre-need stones MUST BE REMOVED at the time of burial so the machinery can get in to dig the grave and in addition ward against damage to the stone. Owner/families ARE RESPONSIBLE for ALL COSTS incurred for the removal and replacement of the stone.

The Cemetery reserves the exclusive right to do all grading, landscape work, improvement of any kind, and all care of plots; likewise to plant, trim, cut or remove all trees, shrubs and herbage within any of the Cemeteries.

All improvements or alterations of plots in any Cemetery shall be under the direction of and subject to the approval of the Manager and should they be made without its written consent, said Manager reserves the right to remove, alter, or change such improvements or alterations at the expense of the plot holder.

The Manager reserves and shall have the right to give authorization to any workmen, other than employees of the parish cemetery, before they may do work in any Cemetery. Plot holders may have certain work done in accordance with these Rules and Regulations at their own expense upon application to the Manager, prices to be agreed upon and paid before said work is done.

Employees of the parish cemetery are not permitted to do any work for plot holders except upon the order of Management and are required to be civil and courteous to all visitors.

The Management disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage beyond its reasonable control and especially from damage by an act of God, the elements, earthquakes, war, common enemy, air raids, invasions, insurrections, riots, order of any military or civil authority, thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious mischief makers, explosions, unavoidable accidents, or any cause similar or dissimilar beyond control of the Management, whether the damage be direct or collateral. In the event it becomes necessary to reconstruct or repair any section or plot, including graves or crypts, or any portion or portions thereof in any Cemetery, which has been damaged by such causes, the Management shall give 10-day written notice of the necessity for such repair to the plot holder of record. The notice shall be given by depositing the same in the United States mail, with postage thereon duly prepaid, addressed to the plot holder of record, at his or her address stated on the books of the management. In the event the plot holder fails to repair the damage within a reasonable time, the Management may direct that the repairs be made and charge the expense against the plot and to the plot holder of record.

It shall be the duty of the plot holder to notify the Management of any change in his post office address. Notice sent to a plot holder at the last address in the management's records shall be considered sufficient and proper legal notification.

All pre-need stones that are removed for the first burial to take place must pay full price for a new foundation. Any stone whether pre-need or not that is being removed for the second burial must pay 1/2 (half) of the foundation cost.

In cases where a family wishes to bury an adult cremation on top of a baby which is already buried within the baby section of the cemetery, the family must obtain permission from the cemetery first to see if this is possible. Beginning in 1985, the State enacted a new law regarding coverage depths for baby/children's gravesites. This new law reduces the coverage of the vault/container with dirt to the surface from three (3) feet to 18 inches. This being the case, there may not be enough space to put the cremains on top of the baby vault and still have sufficient coverage with dirt. The cemetery manager will make a preliminary assessment and make the decision whether this is possible and make the final decision. There will not be any disinternments made to redig the site to accommodate both the old and new burials.

All graves are sold as single depth graves. We will not consider selling raves at double depth. However, we will honor a prior double depth request if it was so indicated in writing on older deeds or receipts at time of purchase. Any claim that double depth arrangements were made verbally isfalse because it has never been cemetery policy to sell graves at double depth without so indicating on the deed and in our records. Any double depth arrangements have always been granted as an exception to the normal cemtery policy and therefore indicated on the deed at time of purchase.
All rules and regulations governing the St. John of God Parish Cemeteries may be amended or modified without notice.

All lot owners, families, friends and visitors are expected to observe these rules in order that the cemetery property may be properly maintained and enhanced.

Your cooperation is apprciated and your suggestions for further improvements are always welcomed.

Thank You.